Logistic Operations

The most important link of the supply chain is logistics operations. We, as Gerçek Kozmetik, provide delivery service in the shortest time with minimum error to nearly 30 thousand sales points including pharmacies, cosmetics, chain  stores, hairdressers, retail and wholesale points in every region of Turkey and management of return processes with special services based on needs are carried out from our warehouse, which has closed area of 3500 m²  .


We, as Gerçek Kozmetik, follow the historical sales data and field point outputs by way of gathering together the technological infrastructure and storage systems. We carry out the stock control, goods acceptance and exit processes step by step through our own systems, and we can keep this information alive until the order delivery phase with the barcode system.

We provide services with special solutions in line with the needs of all our business partners in our warehouse. We incorporate new warehousing and logistics solutions which are developed by following the latest developments into our process, thus keeping our operations up-to-date with a more efficient workflow. We strive to run a transparent operation.

Our entire shipments are prepared with camera recording on special preparation tables, and each prepared order is video-recorded and stored as 60-day retrospective data. Thus, the possible errors are minimized.

We have business items such as receiving goods, vehicle unloading, warehousing, inventory management, order management, shipment preparation, waybill and invoice printing with the structure of warehouse operations. We carry out LOT tracking, UTS declarations, SKT tracking, periodic inventory counts and performance tracking again in this area.


The orders received online from the field are approved in the head office by the help of IT infrastructure and they are made ready for delivery as soon as possible with the dispatch order. Minimum error rate and undamaged delivery are maintained following the required controls at the order and distribution stage, and the transaction is completed by keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level.

The online orders are collected with barcode readers as soon as possible and packed in our own packaging since online orders from the field are displayed instantly in the warehouse.

We provide distribution services in the shortest time with minimum error to nearly 30 thousand sales points in every region of Turkey, including pharmacies, cosmetics, chain group stores, hairdressers, retail and wholesale points.

By means of our strong technological infrastructure, we are striving to improve these processes as well as showing our customers the order delivery times instantly on the website after distribution; and our objective to achieve better service and obtain better results.

Receiving Goods, Warehousing, Order Preparation, Waybill and Invoice Printing, Vehicle Unloading, Inventory Management, Delivery/Shipment Preparation.

B to C Logistics (E-Commerce Logistics)

We, as Gerçek Kozmetik rapidly manage inventory management, single and multiple order picking, labeling, barcoding, order packaging, invoice printing and order cancellation processes within the scope of E-commerce services with the special programs developed for Gerçek Kozmetik and the technological infrastructure used. We prepare the incoming order for all our customers within the same day and deliver it to cargo on the same day. 

All of our shipments are prepared with camera recording on special preparation desks, and each prepared order is video-recorded and stored as 60-day retrospective data basis. Thus, the possible errors are minimized.

We have many marketplace integrations in this area.

Promotions and Handling - Customer-Specific Operations

We have the expertise to provide tailored services to our clients based on their needs. We perform labeling, mixed case preparation, shrinking, gift wrapping, code preparation, barcoding services tailored to the needs of our customers in the supply chain process.
Labeling, Mixed Case Preparation, Shrinking, Gift Wrapping, Bundling,, Barcoding.

Our Business Model


Supply Chain Management

The demand and supply processes of the products are planned with all the details jointly with the special monitoring systems used. All products are delivered to the customers in the sales channels we work with through logistics operations which are performed in a professional manner.



The sales team working with a modern business approach in the age of mobile communication, connects to the head office after its receiving orders with hand terminals in the field at every point of Turkey, ensuring that the order is instantly displayed in the warehouse, thus providing the customer with a minimum error rate within 24 hours.


Planning and Reporting

We organize the display screens where our business partners can see their data transparently. The reports are designed considering Brand-Channel priorities and Company expectations. Turnover-target, penetration, performance and stock efficiency reports are prepared according to the needs in channel, brand, product breakdown and they are published in daily-weekly-monthly periods.


Brand Management

Gerçek Kozmetik utilizes the development opportunities with all the details, and always welcomes new cooperations with excitement and passion based on the strategies it has determined and the developing structure of the trade.