Sales Automation

Gerçek Kozmetik has accelerated its activities and minimized the error rate by enabling the company departments (sales team, logistics, finance, accounting, etc.) to work online with each other with the IT infrastructure the company has established, . "Order Management" and "Warehouse Automation Program" are utilized at an advanced level and the technology we use from the moment the order is received to the moment of delivery is constantly developed by following the technological developments of the era.

Thus, "UNCONDITIONAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" is targeted by way of preparing the maximum order without any damage with the minimum error rate and completing the shipping process as soon as possible.

- Route Planning, constant communication with the Head Office,
- Online Stock level control,
- Online sales condition practices,
- Online ordering,
- Quick risk analysis,
- Integrated accounting and warehouse software that provides simultaneous sales, finance and warehouse activities,
- Regular and detailed sales and stock reports (daily, weekly, monthly)

Our Business Model


Supply Chain Management

The demand and supply processes of the products are planned with all the details jointly with the special monitoring systems used. All products are delivered to the customers in the sales channels we work with through logistics operations which are performed in a professional manner.



The sales team working with a modern business approach in the age of mobile communication, connects to the head office after its receiving orders with hand terminals in the field at every point of Turkey, ensuring that the order is instantly displayed in the warehouse, thus providing the customer with a minimum error rate within 24 hours.


Planning and Reporting

We organize the display screens where our business partners can see their data transparently. The reports are designed considering Brand-Channel priorities and Company expectations. Turnover-target, penetration, performance and stock efficiency reports are prepared according to the needs in channel, brand, product breakdown and they are published in daily-weekly-monthly periods.


Brand Management

Gerçek Kozmetik utilizes the development opportunities with all the details, and always welcomes new cooperations with excitement and passion based on the strategies it has determined and the developing structure of the trade.